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Udor BD5030U Hollow Shaft B Series Plunger Pump - 1750 RPM, 5 GPM, 2900 PSI, 9.7 EBHP

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A plunger pump from Udor's B Series that produces a maximum flow of 5 GPM. It is constructed to handle fluids heated up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum pressure of 2900 PSI. The inlet measures 1/2” BSP-F and the outlet measures 3/8” BSP-F.


Technical Specifications

Max PSI: 2900
RPM: 1750
Max GPM: 5
Horsepower: 9.7
Shaft Diameter: 1-1/8 inch
Inlet Port: 1/2 inch
Outlet Port: 3/8 inch

Product Description

5 GPM - Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Pump

Designed to handle heated fluids, the Udor BD5030U is perfect for car wash and pressure washer applications requiring hot water. This B Series plunger pump is constructed with materials that endure a maximum fluid temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. A heat treated 1-1/8” Hollow Shaft and a NEMA 182/184 TC Mounting Flange deliver increased durability for heavy duty use and handles a maximum speed of 1750 RPM. The pump is engineered to endure a maximum pressure of 2900 PSI and produce a maximum flow rate of 5 GPM. When you need to replace seals or valves this pump is compatible with repair kits 6061.B2 and 6061.02.

BD5030U Specifications:

  • RPM: 1750 
  • GPM: 5
  • PSI: 2900 
  • EBHP: 9.7
  • Shaft: 1-1/8” Hollow Shaft with NEMA 182/184 TC Mounting Flange


  • Brass Manifold
  • Heat Treated Crankshaft
  • Stainless Steel Piston Guides
  • High Strength Aluminum Alloy Connecting Rods
  • Industrial Quality Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Solid Ceramic Plungers
  • Stainless Steel Check Valves
  • Heavy Duty Flat Base High Pressure Seals
  • Replaceable PTFE Coated Body Guides
  • 15.4 oz. Capacity Vented Oil Bath Crank Case
  • 1/2” BSP-F Inlet.  3/8” BSP-F Outlet
  • Max Fluid Temp, 160°F

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