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Hydro Systems HYD1700CW HydroMinder for Ultra-Concentrates - Dilution 1700:1 to 1100:1

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4.30 lbs
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A float valve that is designed to consistently keep reservoirs filled with properly proportioned solutions. Constructed with chemical resistant components for compatibility with acids, bases and neutral pH chemicals. Equipped with AccuPro Technology to prevent "lean out".

Technical Specifications

Max PSI: 80
Min PSI: 20
Max GPM: 4.5
Min GPM: 4

Product Description

Liquid Level Maintenance Device

Hydro Systems HydroMinder HYD1700CW is designed to consistently keep reservoirs filled with accurately proportioned solutions of ultra-concentrate chemicals. When the level of solution contained in the reservoir drops, a float opens the magnetic valve enabling a flow of water to mix with a chemical concentrate ensuring a consistently mixed solution is dispensed into holding tanks. Features AccuPro Technology to eliminate dilution variance. AccuPro Technology controls the amount of water allowed to enter the Hydrominder to prevent "lean out".


  • Dilution Range: 1700:1 to 1100:1
  • Flow Rate Range: 4 to 4.5 GPM at 40 PSI 
  • Operating Pressure Range: 20 to 80 PSI dynamic
  • Dimensions: 12.5'' tall x 2'' wide x 6'' deep
  • Accuracy: +/- 10% in most configurations
  • Chemicals: Acids, Bases and Neutral pH
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs.


  • Powered by water
  • Built with high quality, chemical resistant materials
  • Economical, easy to operate and maintain to minimizes downtime
  • Better chemical performance - designed specifically for use with ultra-concentrate car wash chemicals
  • ULD technology eliminates clogged metering tips
  • Compatible with low and high pH chemicals
  • AccuPro Technology delivers dilution accuracy even when inlet water pressure fluctuations 


  • Automatic, Tunnel and Self-Serve Bays
  • Compatible Chemicals:
  • Pre-Soak
  • Detergent
  • Special Chemical Applications
  • Wax/Protectants/Rinse Aids
  • Tire Care 

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