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Kleen-Rite Gray 3 ft. x 4 ft. EZ-Grate Heavy Duty Fiberglass Car Wash Grating

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New and improved EZ-Grate! Reduced size fiberglass grating section for car washes and industrial drainage areas. Gray color 3' x 4' grate section. Strong polyester/aluminum resin construction with grit top to eliminate slipping.

NOTE: Please review the load chart under "Manuals" for weight tolerance information.
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Freight Only


Product Description

3' x 4' Gray Industrial Strength Fiberglass Grating

This product is a 3' x 4' size section of Kleen-Rite Heavy Duty EZ-Grate in the gray color option. This is a tough fiberglass grating option for car wash pits and industrial drain areas. Made with durable polyester resin with a gritty no-slip grip.

The reduced size of EZ-Grate allows it to be moved and lifted much easier, has a smaller footprint for shipping, allows for easier shape customization, and lets you replace small sections of grating if damage occurs rather than huge sections.

  • Gray color option
  • 3 foot x 4 foot size
  • 1.25" squares, 1.5" thickness
  • Super-tough polyester/aluminum resin fiberglass construction
  • Gritty non-slip top
  • Reduced size versus traditional grating

                         - Easier moving and lifting

                         - Smaller shipping footprint

                        - Easier shape customization

                        - Replace smaller sections rather than huge sections

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:can your manufacturer make this style grate in a custom size vs. having to cut? - Gene (03/26/2021)
Response:No, Unfortunately they cannot at this time.
Question:Does the 3 x 4 come in yellow? - Mark (01/23/2021)
Response:No, it does not.
Question:What is the allowable load rating of a 3' x 4' section? - Mike (01/12/2021)
Response:Please see the load chart under the manuals tab on this page.
Question:How much weight can it handle? - Trevor (01/11/2021)
Response:Please see the load chart under the manuals tab on this page.