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Dema 910N.FOG2 Two Nozzle Ten Gallon Sanitizing Fogger

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46.00 lbs
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Portable fogging unit with a 10 gallon polypropylene tank, two Kynar nozzles, and Santoprene seals. Runs on 50 PSI compressed air. Turns liquid chemical solutions into a fast-spreading mist.

Product Description

Misting Fogger - 10 Gallon

The Dema 910N.FOG2 Fogger is a mobile unit that sends out a misting fog that cleans and sanitizes large spaces quickly. This portable fogger is powered by compressed air and uses premixed solutions. This fogging unit has a 10 gallon polypropylene tank, Kynar PVDF nozzles, and a hinged lid. Equipped with two nozzles mounted on the handle.


  • Requires 50 PSI compressed air    50 psi (3.4 bar) with 7 cfm (198.3 l/min)
  • Santoprene seals
  • 3/8" inside diameter suction line
  • 12 gallon full capacity - ideal for 10 gallons of solution
  • Provides approximately 1.5 hours of run time
  • 3.7 GPH (14 liters per hour)
  • 15 micron droplet size at 50 psi (3.4 bar)
  • Two 10" wheels - non-marking
  • One product can be dispensed at a time
  • Also known as these alternative part numbers: X-FOGCS-10G, FG-10N-2
  • Weight: 46 lbs.


  • Uses premixed solution
  • Compressed air provides power
  • 2 nozzles mounted on the unit handle
  • Polypropylene and kynar nozzle construction
  • A full tank of solution will supply the unit for approximately 1.5 hours
  • Optional timer with delay functionality - start unit and leave the room before it begins fogging
  • Hinged back plate provides tool-free access to components
  • Quick-change pump
  • Natural color tank for easy visibility of product levels
  • Hinged lid
  • Front-facing drain
  • In-line strainer to protect pump from debris

Coverage Area:

  • 1 liter of solution will cover approximately 1000 cubic feet (28.3 cubic meters), up to system max of 47,320 cubic feet (1340 cubic meters)

Chemical Compatibility:

  • Chemical products used with this equipment must be formulated for this type of application and compatible with unit materials and pump seals. For more information on chemical compatibility, consult the manufacturer or SDS for your product or contact our customer service department.

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