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Armor All FRESHfx Smoke X Citrus Breeze Rapid Odor Eliminator 2 OZ - 6 Per Case

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Rapid odor elimination technology blasts away odors and leaves behind a pleasant Citrus Breeze scent. Sold six 2 oz. odor eliminators per case.
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Product Description

Fogger Will Remove Odors and Release Fragrance

Armor All FRESHfx Smoke X Citrus Breeze Rapid Odor Eliminator destroys smoke and other stubborn odors in your vehicle. Instead of just covering up odors, this car freshener eliminates them using Odor Elimination Technology. Armor All auto air freshener quickly and effortlessly destroys a variety of vehicle odors, whether you're dealing with unpleasant smells from pets, food, smoke or other sources.

Simply place the activated car spray fogger in an empty vehicle with the doors closed and the air conditioner and interior recirculation running. The citrus air freshener spray goes to work removing odors and releasing fresh fragrance throughout the car's vents and interior. Help keep your car smelling fresh with Armor All.

Size: 2 oz.


  • 6 per case
  • Car fragrance that eliminates unpleasant odors using Odor Elimination Technology
  • Car air freshener destroys odors instead of masking them

UPC: 10070612185058

Usage Directions:

  • Make sure vehicle is totally unoccupied.
  • Park car outside in a cool, shady area.
  • Start the car and set the air conditioning on high. Turn on the interior recirculation and close all windows.
  • Activate the odor eliminator can with the nozzle facing away from you.
  • Set fogger on center console or similar flat surface and close car door. 
  • Leave car doors closed for 15 minutes with the A/C left on to recirculate.
  • Open all car doors, turn the car off, and allow the car to air out for 5-10 minutes.

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