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Spraying Systems 8010 VeeJet 1/8in. Male NPT Brass Spray Tip

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A standard spray, small capacity VeeJet spray tip by Spraying Systems. Capacity of 10 and a spray angle of 80 degrees on this version.


Technical Specifications

Max PSI: 500
Inlet Port: 1/8 inch

Product Description

8010 VeeJet Brass Spray Tip

VeeJet Spray Tip Cone Pattern

Reliable spray jobs for any application at your facility. Even, uniform spray distribution contributes to an optimal spraying job over a range of different flow rates and pressure outputs. Unique, specially tapered spray pattern is perfect for washing in manifold and headers. A superb, high impact liquid stream means more impact per unit area and faster wash times as well as reducing water consumption.


  • Inlet: 1/8" Male NPT
  • Length: 0.875"
  • Hex: 0.5"


  • Spray Angle: 80°
  • Spray Pattern: Tapered Edge
  • Pressure Range: 5 - 500 PSI
  • Capacity @ 40 PSI: 1
  • Nozzle: H-U
  • Capacity Size:10
  • Material: Brass

Common Usage / Applications:Cooling / quenching

  • Spray washing
  • Water cooling
  • Air + gas washers
  • Scrubbers
  • Liquor washers
  • Dusting control
  • Fire safety


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