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All Systems Polymer Low pH Presoak - 5 Gallon

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Multi-purpose low pH car wash vehicle presoak with a polymer chemical foundation. Great on its own, or as the first step of a low pH/high pH 2-stage system. Low pH soaps clean chrome and glass for an overall shine, and they are primarily used to clean in-organic (man-made) soils including brake dust, road salts, clay, asphalt, and abraded concrete. 5 gallon jug.

Product Description

Five Gallon Low pH Polymer Car Wash Detergent

This All Systems Low pH Polymer Presoak is a polymer-based car wash presoak that removes dirt from car surfaces instead of trying to break it down. This incredibly versatile presoak can be used in self-serve, tunnel, and in-bay automatics! Take advantage of the low pH level as the first step and true low pH/high pH combination, or as an answer to road salt blooms. Low pH presoak also helps prevent paint browning in hot summer months. Comes in an easy-to-carry 5 gallon jug.

Dilution Rate:

  • Low pressure 50-75/1
  • High pressure 150-160/1


  • 5 gallon size
  • Polymer solution encapsulates dirt and residue and lifts it off vehicle surface
  • Can be used in all types of car washes; tunnels, self-serve, in-bay automatics

Why Consider a Polymer-Based Presoak?

Polymers are large molecule chains that grab, lift, and encapsulate dirt from a vehicle surface. The polymer and captured dirt can then be easily rinsed away to leave a clean, shiny surface. An advanced polymer formula provides a thorough wash in less time using a DOT-approved non-corrosive and non-caustic solution!

The behavior of traditional presoaks is that they attack dirt and break it down before being rinsed. Not only does this result in a longer dwell time, the presoak also does not distinguish between the residue and the surface. That creates the potential for corrosion and damage to the vehicle surface. What's more, you are also limited in how and where you can use non-polymer presoaks, since certain car wash equipment may be similarly vulnerable to that corrosion and damage. Conversely, polymer presoaks can be safely used in self-serve bays, in-bay automatics, and automatic tunnels!

Top Ten Reasons to Switch to a Polymer:

  • No acid needed to neutralize surface of the car and clean the vehicle
  • Does not positively charge the car surface
  • Encapsulates dirt to prevent redepositing dirt back onto car surface
  • One-step cleaning offers enhanced drying, rinsing and incredible shine
  • Safe on equipment (reduce replacing O-rings, check valves, foot valves)
  • Reduced dwell time
  • DOT-approved non-corrosive
  • Save on shipping costs
  • No offensive chemical smell
  • Heating polymers not required

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Im so glad they came out with a 2step for the polymer pre-soak. I run the low first then the high. Works great and cars are coming out IBA very clean.
Reviewed by DAMON  I
1/7/2020 7:44:56 AM
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