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JROD 2560001 Pressure Washing Four-Way 1/4 in. Nozzle Holder

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The JROD is an invaluable tool for pro pressure washers. This one-piece holder has 4 slots for 1/4" nozzle tips, allowing the user to quickly switch from one tip to another. For example, you can use a chemical application nozzle tip then immediately change to a rinsing tip in a simple motion. It function as a spot to store your commonly used tips, so you aren't losing them or searching for them when you're ready to switch - they're all right there at the end of your wand!

NOTE: Does not include nozzles.


Technical Specifications

Inlet Port: 1/4 inch

Product Description

JROD Nozzle Holder

The JROD accepts any 1/4" MPT spray nozzles and turns each one into a quick-connect tip. This simple but handy tool allows you to very quickly switch between four different nozzles on one spray gun wand. Works great for changing between foam and water, reaching multiple height levels, or altering the intensity of the spray without having to carry around several individual nozzles!

JROD Details:

  • 1/4 inch ports and quick-connect plugs
  • Convenient 1-piece design
  • Avoid wet pockets and lost nozzles while decreasing labor time!

Product Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Is this for 8gpm’s? - Gale (04/02/2020)
Response:GPM is based on what nozzles you use. You could definitely put 8gpm nozzles in this holder.