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Dakota Products Non-Smoke Odor Eliminating Spray - 12 oz.

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Destroys tobacco smoke odor molecules on contact! The highly concentrated formula is easily dispensed through the aerosol spray can, and the odor of the spray itself will dissipate along with the tobacco smell.

Product Description

Tobacco Smell Neutralizer

Get rid of lingering tobacco smoke smell once and for all with Dakota Products Non-Smoke! This unique formula actually binds to tobacco smoke odors and changes the molecular structure to completely neutralize and destroy the smell.

Non-Smoke has an ultra dry formula that can be sprayed in the air or on surfaces, including fabrics. After spraying Non-Smoke, leave the room or vehicle for one hour while the product works. Enjoy fresh, clean air upon return! 


  • Eliminates odors - doesn't just mask them!
  • Ultra dry formula can be used in the air or sprayed  on other surfaces including fabrics
  • Spot test an inconspicuous area before applying to surfaces
  • Leave the area for one hour after applying Non-Smoke
  • Easy to use aerosol formula
  • Great for cars, campers, hotel rooms, homes, and offices
  • Sold in a 12 oz container
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs.

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