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Dog Wash Equipment Package


 Kleen-Rite Corp

Mfr. Model #:  
Part #:  PTW1000
Stock:  Ships from PA
Weight:  650.00 lbs



Set your operation apart by adding a self serve dog wash. The stainless steel waist high tub comes complete with a non slip rubber ramp for easy access. The self serve dog wash also comes complete with an electric coinbox and timer that accepts bills, coins and tokens. Also included in your self serve dog wash package is a warm air dryer and a complete chemical start up package. Watch the video demo below to find out more about the new self serve dog wash!

Self Serve Dog Wash

  • Chemical start-up package
  • Deluxe decal and graphics package
  • 3/4 Honeywell blending valve
  • Shower head w/easy pull trigger and S/S flexible hose
  • S/S tub ring w/attached leash restraint
  • S/S tub w/rubber mat & S/S rubber
 Self Serve Dog Wash

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length (not including ramp) 51.25"
    Length (with ramp extended) 92.5"
    Width: 35"
    Height (top of supply cabinet): 51.5"
    Weight (packed/shipping): 300 lbs
Call 800-233-3873 for a free DOGWASH brochure & instructional DVD
Sanford Simmons
Stop-N-Wash - Signal Hill, California
  At first we were going to put our dog wash in at our Oceanside location, thinking there would be a big draw from folks bringing their dogs to the beach. After much considerations we decided the best place to install our new dog wash would be at our laundromat which was closer to a large residential area.

  We wanted our dog wash to be the best. We went all out to make it as fancy as we could. We wanted our Dog Wash to be a Dog Wow! We put in marble tiling and a customer “Help” button that the user could press and an attendant would come in to help with any questions or concerns that they might have. The personal one-on-one contact with the customers ensured us that the customer had a positive experience.

  The attendant would then give them a code they could redeem online for a free dogwash just for posting a review about our Dog Wash on, an online community dedicated to reviews of local business. This helped spread the word in our local area about our Dog wash facility. We would then email the customer a coupon they could forward to all their friends online, offering their friends a free dog wash just for coming in. For every friend that redeemed the coupon, the original sender would get another free dog wash. Sure, we gave a lot of free dog washes away, but the point of the program was to increase traffic and awareness of our facility. It has been working out great ever since. Being on the cutting edge of today’s social media has helped us tremendously!

Joe Manners

Bradey Street Car Wash - DuBois, Pennsylvania
  The funny thing is, I didn’t think that our Dog Wash service would be as big of a hit as it turned out to be. I am really glad I put it in. People now-a-days treat their dogs like they treat their kids.

  I had five self serve bays, but  I decided to take one of those bays and enclose each end to put in a Dog Wash. The way I figured it, I only used all five bays about twenty-four or twenty-five days out of the year, usually after it snows and we have heavy salt on the cars. Other than those particular times, four bays easily suffice our day-to-day traffic, giving up a bay for a Dog Wash was simple math.

  It was inexpensive and easy to put in. I also made sure to add heat and air conditioning to the Dog Wash room for customer comfort. When we first opened our Dog wash we ran ads on the local radio and in the newspaper to generate initial buzz and traffic. After that word just began to spread by itself.

  We are currently seeing an influx of new customers. As the Dog Wash draws new people to our wash to clean their dogs, they then stick around and wash their cars too. It’s a win-win for us. I’d highly recommend a Dog Wash to other car wash owners.

Ed Wood
Waterways, Inc. - Waterboro, Maine
  I took one of our self serve bays and turned it into two dog washes with a small control room in between them. I feed the 2 dog washes soap and electricity from the control room. Our car wash has a quick lube and a coffee shop attached, so adding the dog wash has helped enhance the multiple offerings we have available to our customers. We cross promote all of the businesses with social media like Facebook and local blogs.

  The installation process was easy. Except for the hard plumbing and bringing the electric line in, I pretty much did everything myself. Believe it or not our busiest times at the Dog Wash is in the winter. Folks up here don’t want to wash their big dogs at home in the bath tub. They have to bend over the tub and then the dog shakes all the hair and water all over the place when they’re done. Folks prefer the dog wash and it saves them on the back pain too. The customers that use our Dog Wash love it!

Weiss Guys Express Wash
Phoenix, Arizona
  In the beginning of 2009, like all small businesses, we were looking to bring in more income to our twelve self-serve/exterior wash locations.  In April of 2009 we took a five bay self serve & turned one of the bays into a Dog Wash with the help of Kleen-Rite.  What we
found out was:

    1. Our wash bay business did not lose any income.
    2. Many of the dog wash customers were new to our car wash location.
    3. We have nothing but wonderful comments and excited customers!

  This location paid for itself in one year.  We have since added four more Dog Washes to our other locations and are looking to add a few more.

Larry Groen
Road Runner Car & Truck Wash - Bloomfield, New Mexico
  While still in the designing phase of our new car wash facility, we planned on having a dog wash at the new site. We wanted to add something different to the site to separate ourselves from our competition. Adding the dog wash was a simple and cost effective way to do that.

  People just love it. They drive to our wash from other towns just to use it. It’s much better and cheaper than paying a groomer to bathe your dogs. Now
customers are asking us if we’d please put one in at our other location. We probably will.