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Tex-Cote EFP200-000-01P Flex-Patch Patching Compound 1 Gallon

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13.00 lbs
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This water based 100% acrylic material is ready to use patching compound that rapidly repairs surfaces. All surfaces must be clean and free of any oils, dirt, mildew and laitance before application. 


Product Description

1 Gallon Flex-Patch, Tex-Cote

Flex-Patch is applied to a maximum of 1/32". It is 100% acrylic and repairs surfaces rapidly. The coat repairs 24-48 hours after application and matches existing textures. This gallon performs better when temperatures are above 45 degree not exceeding 100 degrees F. Make sure to not apply material when snow, rain or freezing are imminent. The shelf life on Flex-Patch Tex-Cote 1 Gallon is twelve month shelf life under proper conditions. 

Recommended for:

  • CMU's
  • Concrete 
  • Stucco
  • Cement Plaster
  • Wooden Surfaces 
  • Cement fiber board

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