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Parker 8 R5OX-S Steel Triple Lok Flare Fitting - Male 37 Degree 1/2 Inch Flare, Male SAE-ORB 3/4-16 Inch, Male 37 Degree 1/2 Inch

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A Triple Lok fitting from Parker with two 37 degree flare connections. Made with steel. Handles a maximum pressure of 6000 PSI.

Technical Specifications

Max PSI: 6000
Inlet Port: 1/2 inch
Outlet Port: 1/2 inch

Product Description

Triple Lock 37 Degree Flare Adaptor

Parker's 8 R5OX-S is a fitting designed with three connections. Connection 1 measures 1/2 inch male with 37 degree flare , connection 2 measures 3/4-16 inch male SAE-ORB, and connection 3 measures 1/2 inch male with 37 degree flare. Adaptor is constructed with steel and is able to withstand a maximum pressure of 6000 PSI. Handles applications involving hydraulic fluid or gas.

  • Connection Type: 37° Flare, Run Tee
  • Specifications Met: SAE J514
  • Maximum Dynamic Pressure: 6000 psi
  • Shape: Tee
  • Connection 1 Size: Male 37° Flare
  • Connection 1 Tube Outside Diameter: 1/2 inch, 12 mm
  • Connection 2 Size: Male SAE-ORB
  • Connection 2 Tube Outside Diameter: na
  • Connection 2 Thread Size: 3/4-16 inch, na
  • Connection 3 Size: Male 37° Flare
  • Connection 3 Tube Outside Diameter: 1/2 inch, 12 mm
  • Connection 3 Thread Size: na
  • Connection 4 Size: na
  • Connection 4 Tube Outside Diameter: na
  • O-Ring Material: 90 Durometer Nitrile
  • Body Material: Steel
  • Easily adaptable to inch tube, metric tube and hose for worldwide acceptance.
  • Parker’s Robust Port Stud on adjustable ports is manufactured with a longer locknut virtually eliminating washer damage and potential leaks, as well as making assembly virtually mistake-proof. This feature improves customer internal efficiencies and reduces rework costs resulting from backup washer damage commonly seen with traditional SAE adjustable port ends in the market.
  • Steel fittings substantially exceeded the SAE corrosion requirements of 72 hours without red rust, lasting up to 1,000 as found by an independent test facility.  This enhanced performance provides customers with a competitive advantage through extended equipment life, leading to increased revenues and reduced warranty costs.
  • Stainless Steel nuts are coated to prevent galling.
  • Hydraulic fluid and gas handling connections

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