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AF-1 Arctic Freeze R-134a AC Recharge Kit, Cool Boost - California Compliant

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California compliant synthetic refrigerant kit featuring Cool Boost technology and leak sealers to help auto A/C systems perform efficiently. 18oz Can.

Product Description

R-134A With Cool Boost

This Arctic Freeze synthetic refrigerant kit has a specially engineered with Cool Boost® technology that helps a vehicle's A/C produce colder air. One can will recharge vehicle's A/C system, seal common leaks in rubber components. Helps to extend the A/C system's life by eliminating acid and moisture build-up. Includes a reusable charging hose and gauge.

  • All-in-one solution - no additional tools required
  • Replaces lost R-134a refrigerant and oil in automotive A/C systems
  • System-safe leak sealer additive seals common A/C leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets and O-rings
  • Eliminates moisture buildup and acid from A/C system to extend A/C system life
  • Reusable trigger dispenser with gauge and temperature dial indicator
Usage Directions:
  1. Always use protective gloves and eyewear
  2. Attach the charging hose/gauge assembly to the can.
  3. Find the low-side A/C service port on your car. 
  4. Start the engine, and set the A/C and fan to maximum.
  5. Connect the charging hose coupler to the low-side A/C port.
  6. Check the pressure using the built-in gauge.
  7. Charge the system by pulling the trigger until the system reaches the proper pressure.
  8.  Remove the coupler from the low-side A/C port and replace the cap.

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