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Dress Pro 3 Gallon Tire Applicator

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9.13 lbs
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Includes 15 foot spraying hose, trigger gun, and brush!

Product Description

Tire Dressing Tank

The PDS 3-gallon tire dressing applicator tank and brush are a high quality professional choice for busy detailing and car washing operations! Set aside countless sponges and spray bottles - the Dress Pro applicator can handle all your jobs!

This set includes a 3-gallon stainless steel tank sprayer, Dress Pro flow-through brush head, 15 foot coiled polyurethane hose, brass gun, and soft bristle brush head that has a flat fan nozzle to ensure even product distribution. Simply hold the included brush against a tire sidewall, give the trigger a tap to wet the bristles, and move the brush around the tire to apply!

WARNING: This tank is not compatible with corrosive acids such as aluminum brighteners or high oxidizers such as bleach. Use of such products can cause the tanks to corrode and cause injury or death. No warranty or liability will be accepted for such misuse. If you are unsure about a chemicals compatibility, please consult with the manufacturer.

  • 304 stainless steel tank
  • Includes 15' spraying hose
  • Includes brush head and brass gun
  • Quickly and evenly applies product
  • Recharge on the go with any air compressor
  • May also be recharged with portable 12 volt compressors
  • Not suitable for use with corrosive acids
  • PDS item #DP-01

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