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Kleen & Green Water Base Hydraulic Fluid 5 Gallon

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Water-based hydraulic fluid is perfect for car wash tunnel equipment. It is easier to clean up than standard hydraulic fluid, so leaks in tunnels or on floors can be taken care of quickly without a problem. Plus it's environmentally-friendly compared to traditional hydraulic fluids.

Product Description

 Kleen & Green Water-Base Hydraulic Fluid

  • Environmentally-conscious water-based formula
  • Glycol in the formula is derived as a byproduct of making biodiesel
  • Warning: Do not use with polyurethane seals, paper cartridge filters or non-anodized aluminum


The fluid is green in color and was deliberately chosen to differentiate Kleen & Green from the current car wash industry standard and denote its eco-friendly nature. The fluid has a consistency of light syrup, a sweet amine odor, and if left open for extended periods of time; the water will evaporate increasing the viscosity.

Except for color and odor, the fluid has a consistency similar to mineral-based hydraulic oil at normal room temperatures. It is dissimilar to mineral-based hydraulic fluid at lower temperatures. As the temperature decreases mineral oil viscosity gets thicker and eventually will refuse to flow. Kleen & Green will continue to flow down to a -47° F. As the temperature increases, mineral oil-based fluid thins out where water-based glycols remain more viscous. The water glycol fluid does not mix with oil and will not emulsify. Being heavier than oil, the water glycol sinks and the oil floats. This feature allows recently converted systems to be fully purged of oils by the process of skimming.

In addition, even though Kleen & Green is a different formulation than standard water based car wash hydraulic fluids, it will readily mix with systems filled with older water glycol formulations. Therefore it can be used as a makeup fluid. Water glycol hydraulic fluids are usually a blend of three primary components; glycol, water, and an amine additive package. The glycol functions as the base component and provides the fluid viscosity and basic thermal characteristics.

Purified water is used to control the viscosity of the fluid and to provide the fire resistance. The additive package is blended into the fluid to enhance lubricity, and to provide anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming properties.Because of water based fluids' higher bulk modulus, they transfer force more effectively than mineral based oils. Another advantage of the fluid's high water content is that it transfers heat much better. This results in higher operating efficiencies and a cooler running system.

Environmental Impacts:
Traditional hydraulic fluids are not only toxic but are essentially non-biodegradable. The environmental impact of fluid releases is considered as hazardous requiring HAZMAT reporting and in some cases HAZMAT call outs. Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids are damaging to waste water treatment processes if they reach effluent systems easily overwhelming the natural degradation process. If allowed to reach wetlands, streams and rivers, lakes or the ocean; it becomes a toxic threat to wildlife and the overall health of the ecosphere into which it is released.

Traditional mineral oils, when released into the soil, can render the soil polluted and unusable. Remedial action often requires the exposed soil to be removed and incinerated. Kleen & Green is classified as a "readily biodegradable" fluid, which means it will degrade by 60% within 28 days of release. When compared to other car wash water glycol fluids is degrades even more rapidly.

Kleen-Rite Kleen & Green Specifications:

  • Meets ANSI-B 93.5 Fire Resistant Requirements
  • Meets NFPA/T2.13.1 124-2007 Steady State Pressure Requirement

Vital Stats:

  • Viscosity Index >200
  • Cinematic Viscosity: @ 40C (cST) 30.5
  • ISO 46
  • Weight: 8.66lbs. per gallon
  • Specific Gravity: 1.0396

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