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Simoniz D4115055 Desalt Liquid Salt Neutralizer - 55 Gallon

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Fifty-five gallon size drum of winter season salt neutralizer. Combats salt corrosivity. 
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Product Description

Formulated Road Salt Neutralizer

Simoniz product D4115055 is the 55 gallon size offering of their "Desalt" formula. This specially blended salt neutralizer is designed to directly combat the corrosive effects that ice-melting chemicals can have on vehicles.

Road salt neutralization has become increasingly important as municipalities have changed from sand-and-salt mixtures to liquid brine -typically sodium or magnesium chloride- solutions. While these sprays are effective and last longer than traditional methods, they also tend to stick to vehicles more and invite corrosion.

Where a new challenge exists, there is also an opportunity for car wash owners. Customers are becoming more aware of the issues that their vehicles are facing because of these new anti-icing solutions. That means your car wash can provide salt neutralization to customers by offering a "Desalting" service in your bays and tunnels.

One way to add a "Desalting: option is to swap out a "Bug Remover" or similar service for the "Desalting" option in your bays during the winter months.



  • 55 gallon
  • Dilute at 90-18:1
  • Blue liquid detergent
  • Cherry scented
  • Offer this service during the winter months. Swap out services like bug removal that are only needed
  • during the summer season.
  • Great for creating new wash packages, seasonal specials, and interesting promotions.
  • Salt neutralization is becoming more important to customers as de-icing methods change
  • This salt neutralizing agent is also available in 5 gallon or 30 gallon sizes

How Does Simoniz DeSalt work?
This unique formula dissolves road salts into a solution and uses a micellar solubilization process to suspend and remove the contaminants from the vehicles surfaces. Basically, Simoniz DeSalt is formulated to effectively remove salt and calcium residues, counteracting the activity of salt brines and rock salt on vehicle surfaces. By neutralizing the corrosive properties of deicing chemicals, Desalt can help to prevent rust and alter the adverse effects to vehicle surfaces.

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