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Kleen-Rite Pink Cherry Scented Anti-Freeze Detergent for Foam Brushes - 5 Gallon

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40.00 lbs
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This is Hazardous Material.
A $36.00 fee may be added to your order.
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A reliable anti-freeze detergent for quick and easy weeping and freeze protection in self-serve foam brushes. Pink color and cherry scent. Sold in a 5-gallon jug.
Hazardous Material

Hazardous Material

Self Serve

Self Serve


Product Description

Non-Freezing Car Wash Foam Brush Soap - Five Gallon

This Kleen-Rite Pink Anti-Freeze Foamy Brush Detergent is a high-foaming detergent for self-serve car washes formulated for cold, winter months. This great anti-freezing detergent boasts a bright pink color and a delightful cherry scent. Sold in a 5-gallon jug. This foamy brush formula is a must-have for any car wash open year-round. Essential for wintertime washes!


  • 5-gallon size
  • Pink color
  • Cherry scent
  • High-foaming
  • Formulated for use with foam brushes in self-serve car wash bays

Product Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Do we still need to use our weep system for foaming brush, and if we don't need to use the weep system is there a formula that is for our guns - Day (02/02/2021)
Response:No, if you use anti-freeze foam brush detergent there is no need to weep the brush also. We do not carry antifreeze detergent for the gun.
Question:Do I still pay a a handling fee if I pick up the product in Mt Joy ? - James (10/22/2020)
Response:No, you will not be charged a hazmat fee if you pick the order up from our warehouse.
Question:What is the best way to mix this? And what tip should I use to dilute? - Dale (10/19/2020)
Response:The antifreeze soap is drawn straight from the bucket, no pre-dilution is done. The dilution is don by changing the metering tip based on the current temperature with your bay. 30°F – 20°F – Red Metering Tip 20°F – 10°F – Beige Metering Tip 10°F – 0°F - Black Metering Tip 0°F - -10F – Grey Metering Tip -10°F – No Tip