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Magikist MT580 Magik Timer Plus 120VAC or 24VAC Electronic Timer

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Electronically powered car wash and service vending timer. 120V or 24V.

Technical Specifications

Amps: 20
Voltage AC: 24 or 120

Product Description

Dual Voltage Car Wash Bay and Vacuum Timer

The Magikist M580 Magik Timer is a microprocessor driven timer designed for coin-operated, time-based vending. Perfect for things like car washes, car wash vacuums, shower vending, water vending, and more. Easy to install and adapts to virtually any coin acceptor from the popular brands in the industry. Many coin and time setting options can be selected with this one device. Over 9 hours can be accumulated and a limitless amount of coins can be used. Last minute alert, start delay, one coin restart, coin verification, and reset switch come stanard. 120 volt AC or 24 volt AC power.

  • 120VAC or 24VAC
  • 20 Amps


  • Can be used to directly control high current devices such as vacuum motors.
  • Easy installation - adapts to most coin acceptors.
  • Ideal for any time vending application - including car wash, water & shower vending.
  • Wide range of coin and time settings - up to 16 coins to start and 17 minutes per coin.
  • Accumulates time for each coin.  Over 9 hours of time can be accumulated with no limit to the number of coins.
  • Crystal controlled microcontroller provides exact timing.
  • Last Minute Alert feature operates horn or light to signal that one minute of time is remaining.
  • Start delay feature gives customer preparation time after depositing coins.
  • Coin verification feature sounds an attached horn as coins are accepted for time credit.
  • One Coin Restart feature gives customer 20 seconds at end of cycle to add one or more coins to restart timer. External indicator light may be connected to timer to flash during this 20 second period.
  • All features may be enabled or disabled via switches.
  • Reset switch allows for easy testing.

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