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Suttner 200457150 Turbo Nozzle Repair Kit - ST-457 No. 5.0

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A pack of OEM replacement parts for ST-457 No. 5 turbo nozzles. Includes a ceramic nozzle, inlet O-ring, and a white ceramic seat. Endures a maximum pressure of 6000 PSI.

Note: Nozzle size used to be indicated by a color coded ring. Ring is now white on all nozzle sizes.

Technical Specifications

Max PSI: 6000
Nozzle Size: 5
Inlet Port: 1/4 inch
Max Temperature: 212 degrees F

Product Description

#5.0 Turbo Nozzle Parts Kit

The Suttner 200457150 is a kit of components used to repair ST-457 No. 5.0 spray nozzles. The kit includes a ceramic nozzle, O-ring for the inlet, and a white ceramic seat stamped with the nozzle number. Handles a maximum pressure of 6000 PSI. This kit contains OEM components from Suttner for a guaranteed fit and functionality when installed in the ST-457 No. 5.0. turbo nozzle.

  • OEM Manufacturer: Suttner
  • Item: Turbo Nozzle Repair Kit
  • Maximum Pressure: 6000 PSI
  • Nozzle Size: 5.0
  • Maximum Temperature: 212 Degrees F
  • Inlet Port: 1/4 Inch
  • Compatible Turbo Nozzle Model: ST-457 No. 5.0
  • 1x - Ceramic Nozzle
  • 1x - O-Ring for Inlet
  • 1x - White Ceramic Seat

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