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Magna Shine Magic Sponge Vending Machine Decal - 4 Inch X 10 Inch

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A new decal for car wash vending machines. Advertises Magna Shine Magic Sponges. Measures 4"X10".

Product Description

4"x10" Magna Shine Magic Sponge Decal

This decal is placed on 4"X10" vendors at car washes. Replaces a worn or faded decal. Acts as an advertisement for Magna Shine's Magic Sponge in vending machines. Features an attractive graphic with a bright yellow background and a picture of the sponge so customers know what is dispensed with a quick glance. Text informs customers the sponge only requires water to clean and will make dirt and grime disappear. Provides other application ideas to your customers. Peel and stick backing for easy installation.

  • Item: Decal
  • Design: Peel and Stick
  • Product Advertised: Magna Shine Magic Sponge
  • Size: 4"x10"
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight: 0.02 lbs
Text Reads:
  • Magna Shine Magic Sponge
    • Cleans with only water.
    • Dirt and Grime Disappear
  • Auto Interiors:
    • Removes door panel scuff marks. Safe for leather, vinyl and plastic.
  • Auto Exteriors:
    • Removes brake dust from wheels and excess wax from door handles and mouldings.

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