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Universal Brush B372004 Peco PE372 24 In. Soft Flex Wrap Around, Bottom - Red Cloth

Mfr. Model #:
B372004 RED
KR Part #:
20.00 lbs
Now Only!
Red cloth replacement pieces for Peco PE372 24" soft flex wrap-around bottom washers. Replace dirty, torn, or missing cloth pieces to keep wrap-around bottom washers operating correctly!

Product Description

Soft Flex Wrap-Around Bottom Core Cloth Replacement Set

Replacement 24" soft flex wrap-around cloth set for the bottom core of Peco Carwash Systems PE372 washers. These washers feature a 12" diameter core, are 24" high, and have 36 channels. Each channel features a large one-ply flat-cut sheet, and either a small one-ply sheet or a plastic spacer. Replacement cloth sets renew your rocker washers without having to replace the whole unit! Use to replace dirty, torn, or missing cloth pieces.
  • Cloth Replacement Set
  • 72 pieces
    • 36 pcs - 16" x 18" one-ply
    • 24 pcs - 8" x 18" one-ply
    • 12 pcs - Plastic spacer
  • Red cloth

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