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Universal Brush 128004A Peco PE128 Detail Side Washer Set - 28 In., Red Cloth

Mfr. Model #:
128004A RED
KR Part #:
21.00 lbs
Now Only!
Red cloth replacement pieces for Peco PE128 low profile detail side washer. Replace dirty, torn, or missing cloth pieces to keep side washers operating correctly!

Product Description

Detail Side Washer Replacement Set

Replacement cloth set for Peco Carwash Systems PE128 tunnel detail side washers. These washers feature a 10" diameter core, are 28" high, and have 36 channels. Replacement cloth sets renew your side washers without having to replace the whole unit! Use to replace dirty, torn, or missing cloth pieces.
  • Cloth Replacement Set
  • 72 pieces 
  • Piece size: 14" x 20"
  • Red cloth

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