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Universal Brush B2X2D26 Belanger Model 2X2, Passenger Side Replacement Set - 26 Inch, Black Cloth

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28.00 lbs
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Black cloth replacement pieces for Belanger 2x2/Passenger Side 26" high core washers. Replace dirty, torn, or missing cloth pieces to keep passenger side high core washers operating correctly!

Technical Specifications

Type: Brush

Product Description

Passenger Side High Core Washer Replacement Set

Replacement 26" Belanger 2x2/passenger side washer cloth set. Use with washers that feature a 12" diameter core, are 26" high, and have 44 channels. Each channel features three distinct cloth pieces. Replacement cloth sets renew your rocker washers without having to replace the whole unit! Use to replace dirty, torn, or missing cloth pieces.
  • Cloth Replacement Set
  • 132 pieces - 44 pieces each:
    • Piece A Size: 10" x 18"/14" angled
    • Piece B Size: 8" x 14"/15" angled
    • Piece C Size: 8" x 15"/20" angled
  • Black cloth

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