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Suttner ST-1500 Weep Spray Gun

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1.26 lbs
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Continual weep spray gun ideal for freezing temperatures. Boasts chemical resistant seals, is fully rebuildable, and is easy to repair. 4000 PSI, 12 GPM, 3/8" inlet, 1/4" outlet.

Technical Specifications

Inlet Port: 3/8 inch
Max GPM: 12
Max PSI: 4000
Max Temperature: 300 degrees F

Product Description

Reliable Winter Spray Gun

The Suttner ST-1500 Weep Car Wash Gun is a customer favorite! This weep version is great for self service car washes that are in cold regions for part or all of the year. By allowing a continual drip to release from the gun, it helps to reduce the likelihood that guns and lines will freeze, allowing you to keep your business running during the cold winter months when customers are lined up for a wash! It features chemical resistant seals for longevity, is fully re-buildable, and easy to repair.

  • Maximum pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Maximum temperature: 300 °F
  • Maximum flow: 12 GPM
  • Inlet: 3/8" FTP
  • Outlet: 1/4" FTP
  • 1.27 lbs.
  • Non-weep version available: Non-Weep ST-1500

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