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Spraying Systems TPU2509 Brass UniJet Spray Tip - .075 in. Orifice

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Brass construction angled fan spray tip used with a nozzle body, strainer, and nozzle cap. Part of the Unijet line from Spraying Systems and used with TeeJet components.

Product Description

Brass 9 Capacity Unijet Spray Tip

Spraying Systems UniJet spray tips facilitate flat fan spray patterns with reliable, uniform distribution. Spray tips are completely interchangeable to suit any need for added versatility.

This Unijet spray tip is used as part of an assembly that also includes a TeeJet body, strainer, and nozzle cap. That means you can use the same assembly and simply switch out Unijet spray tips depending on the type of spray you need. If a Unijet tip needs replaced, you can get a new tip and continue using the same assembly.


  • Spray Angle: 25 Degree
  • Spray Pattern: Tapered Edge
  • Capacity (40 psi): 0.9
  • Nozzle Type: TPU
  • Capacity Size: 09
  • Length: 1-57/64"
  • Hex: 0.8125"
  • Orifice Diameter: 0.075"
  • Brass


  • Car wash bay rinse and soap arches
  • Metal cleaning/processing
  • Spray coating
  • Degreasing/rinsing
  • Parts washing
  • Spray cooling
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Sand, coal, gravel washing

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