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Spraying Systems 4193A-PP-5-24SS Polypropylene Body TeeJet Strainer with Check Valve - White 24 SS Mesh

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Strainer component for a TeeJet assembly. White color polypropylene with a stainless steel 24 mesh screen and a spring check valve. 5 PSI spring rating.

Product Description

White Poly TeeJet Strainer with Stainless Steel 24 Size Mesh

The Spraying Systems 4193A-PP-5-24SS TeeJet Strainer protects spray tips from clogging that may cause damage. This TeeJet assembly strainer also has a check valve that minimizes leaking and dripping. It has a white polyproplyene body, a size 24 stainless steel mesh screen, and a check valve with a 5 PSI spring rating.

NOTE: Use of these ball check valves results in a pressure drop of 5 PSI (0.34 bar) to 10 PSI (0.7 bar) depending on spring rating.

  • Polypropylene construction body
  • Stainless steel size 24 mesh screen - identified by white color
  • 5 PSI spring rating
  • Spring check valve
  • Viton ball
  • Can be used with all TeeJet tips except for AI or DG tips
  • Recommended for flow rates up to 0.8 GPM
  • Minimizes nozzle dripping

Polypropylene Strainer Mesh Size Reference:

  • White = 24 mesh
  • Blue = 50 mesh
  • Yellow = 80 mesh
  • Green = 100 mesh
  • Red = 200 mesh

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