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Spraying Systems H1/8VV-95015 Male NPT 1/8 in. Brass VeeJet Spray Tip, 95015

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Tapered edge spray tip made with high-quality brass. V-shaped orifice creates a flat fan spray pattern for optimal coverage. 500 PSI max pressure, 95 degree spray angle, 15 capacity.

Technical Specifications

Inlet Port: 1/8 inch
Max PSI: 500

Product Description

95015 1/8" VeeJet Nozzle

Reliable spray jobs for any application at your facility. Even, uniform spray distribution contributes to an optimal spraying job over a range of different flow rates and pressure outputs. Unique, specially tapered spray pattern is perfect for washing in manifold and headers. A superb, high impact liquid stream means more impact per unit area and faster wash times as well as reducing water consumption.


  • Inlet: 1/8" Male NPT
  • Length: 0.875"
  • Hex: 0.5"


  • Spray Angle: 95°
  • Spray Pattern: Tapered Edge
  • Pressure Range: 5 - 500 PSI
  • Capacity (40 PSI): 0.15
  • Nozzle: H-VV
  • Capacity Size:15
  • Material: Brass

Common Usage / Applications:Cooling / quenching

  • Spray washing
  • Water cooling
  • Air + gas washers
  • Scrubbers
  • Liquor washers
  • Dusting control
  • Fire safety

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