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Kleen-Rite Pulsation Dampener 10 GPM, 600-3000 PSI

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2.00 lbs
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This is Hazardous Material.
A $38.25 fee may be added to your order.
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Nitrogen pre-charged pulsation dampening accumulator. 10 GPM flow rate and a 600-3000 PSI pressure range.
Hazardous Material

Hazardous Material


Technical Specifications

Max GPM: 10
Max PSI: 3000

Product Description

Nitrogen Pre-charged Pulsation Dampener

This accumulator has a Nitrogen pre-charge that minimizes pulsations, vibrations, water hammering, and pressure spikes. By lowering potentially damaging pulsations and pressure variations, system components like regulators and solenoids will experience less wear and last longer. This pulsation dampener can be used for applications up to a 10 GPM flow rate and a 3000 PSI pressure level.

  • 10 GPM maximum flow rate
  • 600-3000 PSI pressure range
  • Pre-charged with Nitrogen

Product Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Do you prefill to user's specifications? If not, how much is the prefill pressure amount? - Timothy (03/11/2024)
Response:Prefill pressure is 450, it cannot be customized.
Question:The hazmat fee does not apply to pick up I assume? - Jonathan (08/12/2020)
Response:No, you will not be charged a Hazmat fee when picking up at our warehouse locations.
Question:What size Npt thread is it? - Wayne (07/15/2020)
Response:The thread is ½ Male Pipe Thread
Question:Does the Hazmat fee apply to each purchase of dampener? If one buys 2 at the same time does the fee double to $66.16? - (07/08/2020)
Response:We can fit 4 to a box without increasing the Hazmat fee.