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Laurel Metal Products 399-101 Microcoin QL Acceptor for Laurel Vendors

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Microcoin QL coin acceptor for Laurel Metal 399 vending units. OEM replacement part, guaranteed to fit and function as necessary for reliable vending operation. Use to replace a malfunctioning acceptor during maintenance or repairs, or upgrade from a different acceptor type.

Product Description

Microcoin QL Coin Acceptor

The Microcoin Quick Learn is a powerful on-board programming facility which provides you with the ability to program your Microcoin QL simply and efficiently without having to remove it from the machine.

Easy to follow instructions are located on the validator for your convenience. An LED provides visual indications of your progress and also validator diagnostics feedback.

1. Enable/Disable Coins
Any coin which is programmed into the Microcoin QL can be turned on or off by simply selecting the enable or disable feature and passing the coin through the validator. The Microcoin QL automatically senses the coin and enables or disables it accordingly.

2. Programming Coins
You may program a single coin or up to 5 coins using Quick Learn's coin programming features. If your validator does not have an LED display populated, then you can only program a single coin. With the LED display fitted, you can program up to 5 coins.

  • Program Single Coin - No LED Display: To program a single coin only into the Microcoin QL, refer to the "Program Single Coin" instructions. Please note that after passing a recommended minimum of 10 coins, the coin will automatically assume the programmed "credit" value. Label indicates original factory setting.
  • Program Multi Coin - With LED Display: If you have more than one coin to program or have multiple coins already programmed, refer to the "Program Multi Coin" instructions. This feature allows you to select a coin category to program your coin into. After passing a recommended minimum of 10 coins, you may select the value of the coin as a multiple of the programmed credit value. The label indicates the original factory setting. For example, if the credit value is 25c, then a $1 coin would have a credit multiplier value of "4", being 4x25. Refer to attached flowchart.
3. Escape
If you hold the programming button for more than 2 seconds, Microcoin QL will exit from its program mode and revert to normal operation.

4. Diagnostics

The following diagnostics are available by observing the LED.

  • Validator Operational LED is Green
  • Validator Fault LED is Red
  • Coin Accepted LED flashes Green once per coin
  • Validator Disabled LED is Amber
  • No Power LED is Off

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