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General Pump Products For Car Washes

General Pump was founded by Mike Christopherson in 1982. The goal was to create a better line of high pressure pumps suited for the car wash industry. General Pumps began in Mike’s garage initially to supply pumps and accessories to the pressure wash and vehicle washing industry. In 1998 General Pump was purchased by the Interpump, the world leader in plunger pump design. They were a major supplier to General Pump since the beginning of the company.

Over the last 20 years, General Pump and Interpump have quietly become one of the world's number one plunger pump manufacturers. General Pump is focused on the future; their engineering department continues to make major enhancements to their pump designs making them more efficient and effective at their job. General Pump produces many items such as injectors, nozzles, valves and customer-specific items that match the requirements of your wash so you can purchase exactly what you need. When time for a new high pressure car wash or pressure washer pump give General Pump a try!

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