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Custom Branded Car Wash Products


Offering custom branded products at your wash is an excellent way to build awareness of your brand! Branded items provide a sense of professionalism and polished image to your car wash that builds trust in your business. These subtle marketing tactics are an inexpensive, easy way to move from just “the car wash down the street” to a recognizable and established business that everybody in the area knows by name. As any smart car wash owner knows, it’s the small details that set you apart from your competitors!

Custom Air Fresheners

custom air freshener

Branding can be something as simple as a custom air freshener hanging from a customer’s rearview mirror. It keeps your car wash’s name fresh in their mind and serves as a little reminder to regularly wash their car. Available in several different shape and scent options, you can work with the Kleen-Rite team to add your logo or name in a full-color design of your choosing. They’re the perfect add-on to your wash packages that give the customer extra perceived value while serving as an effective marketing tool for your business!

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Custom Branded Glass Cleaner

custom glass cleaner

Getting windows completely spotless is frequently a challenge for customers washing their cars. As a result, glass cleaner is a popular vending and retail item at car washes. Offer your customers a small aerosol can of glass cleaner for easy but effective spray-and-wipe cleaning. You can even offer glass cleaner as a free item with your top wash packages – an enticing value for customers. Not only can you make sure you have this sought-after product is readily available, now you can add your logo or name and turn it into a branding tool for your wash!

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Custom Branded Dash Wipes

custom dash wipes

Offering a free dash wipe is a great way for customers to top off their wash, and now the packaging that the wipe comes in can be custom designed to match your branding! These moistened wipes are of a high enough quality that most customers will be able to clean their entire dashboard. When a customer is making the decision about where to wash their car, they’re going to remember the place that offered them a free way to quickly tidy up their interior.

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Custom Branded Litter Bags

Free litter bags provide a convenient way for customers to gather up the small trash that collects in their vehicles. A benefit to your wash is that trash is collected and sealed in small bags and deposited in your garbage cans. Instead of random litter floating around, which inevitably falls to the ground and needs to be cleaned by YOU, it finds its way to a proper receptable for simple disposal. Why not turn those litter bags into a branding tool as well? Add your logo or name to jazz them up! Customers might even keep them in their car and use them as a spot to toss their candy wrappers and tissues, in which case your branding constantly stays in their view.

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Looking for custom printed towels? Click here to check out our Custom Towels page and get started!

In addition to being used as low-priced retail/vending items or free add-ons for customers who purchase a wash, custom branded products can be used as giveaways if you market your wash at local street fairs, sporting events, and other community gatherings. Grab the attention of potential customers and get the name of your car wash in their minds!

Cut your cost by buying in higher volume! You can drastically decrease per unit price by ordering a large quantity in one shot, allowing you to be more comfortable passing them out as free promotional items.