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General Pump products meet many practical applications in the car wash industry. General Pump offers several product lines to meet car wash owners’ need for pumps that are dependable and work reliably in a variety of demanding applications.

Emperor Series: Known as the  “pumps that rule any environment,” the products in this series certainly live up to the claim. The Emperor line of pumps is designed to handle rigorous use cycles, high temperatures, and corrosive chemicals. This product line features patent-pending packing, a valve design that can withstand high temperatures—up to 185°F!—and the capacity to run dry for several hours. Emperor pumps are ideal for use in prep units, self-service bays, and multiple gun applications.

CW Series.  General Pump’s CW series are preferred pumps in the self-serve and touchless car wash industry. They have oversized connecting rods to maximize pump life, and heavy duty tapered roller bearings. These pumps also feature large-capacity anodized aluminum oil-bath crankcases. CW series products are backed by General Pump’s 5-year warranty, and are well suited for two-gun conveyor and tunnel car wash applications.

General Pump Parts and Part Kits


Kleen-Rite also carries a full line of General Pump parts and part kits. We stock packing and valve kits, various seal sets, and repair supplies. Find everything from ceramic pistons and bearings down to hinge pins and O-rings. It’s all right here, along with Kleen-Rite’s personalized customer service and friendly prices.

T-Series and EZ-Series. General Pump T- and EZ-series pumps are ideal for pressure cleaning applications and are the preferred pumps in the pressure washing industry. Flex coupling and bell housing are available for direct drive pumps, and are fitted with oversized bearings for longer pump life. The forged brass manifold comes with an exclusive lifetime warranty. Many T-series and EZ-series pumps are available in left or right shaft, or direct drive, to suit the specific needs of your car wash.

General Pump, unlike other pump manufacturers, has a fully staffed service and repair department that handles warranty work, pumps inspections, and normal repairs. Kleen-Rite is an authorized service location for General Pump. Contact us at 800-233-3873 or contact us for more information.

A busy car wash needs reliable pump equipment in order to be efficient. For years, car wash owners have trusted General Pumps and pump parts, available from Kleen-Rite, to keep their car washes running smoothly.

Kleen-Rite’s wide selection of General Pump products and our goal to provide “The best for less!” every day, will ensure that you find the products you need at a great price.

General Pump Inc


   General Pump was the vision of its founder Mike Christopherson; he had a dream of having his own company and wanted to bring a superior product line to the high pressure wash markets in the United States.  He began this dream in 1982 and began to supply pumps and accessories to the pressure wash and vehicle wash markets out of his garage.  Throughout his career and life he had an unwavering commitment to his dream that carried him far beyond the borders of his hopes.  His motto of “We Will Find A Way” was a working premise that GP will do whatever is necessary to fulfill the customer’s wishes and applications.  The motto still rings true today. Our sales and technical people will still sit down with customers and find a solution to any situation the customer provides.  Together, the motto and Mike’s commitment to the customer combined to morph General Pump from its humble beginnings into an internationally renowned supplier of high-pressure pumps and accessories before he sold the business to his major supplier in 1998.

   General Pump gradually built the product base by evaluating and sourcing proving superior suppliers throughout the world.  The pumps that were brought in were the “General Pump” brand of the Interpump Pump located in St Ilario, Italy.  The Interpump Pump company was newly formed in 1978 and had attempted to bring the pumps to the USA market before GP was formed, however it was not until Mike Christopherson brought his knowledge, work ethic and intensity to the mix did the pumps succeed.  The pumps were different than pumps sold previously, since they were on the principle of a ceramic plunger instead of a stainless steel plunger or piston.  This allowed higher pressures and extended life of the pumps in almost any environment.  During this early time a number of valve suppliers were also evaluated and GP began sourcing product from a few suppliers to fulfill more of the customer needs.  During this period Mike also saw the need to have a manufacturing capability. This was accomplished by purchasing a small screw machine business in 1988. He felt this was needed to offer more value to his customer base by providing many components that would enhance his product offering.  

   Today this facility provides many items such as injectors, nozzles, valves and customer-specific items that allow General Pump to fulfill each customer’s needs.  The injector line was started in 1995 and has expanded to more than 150 different injectors for various needs, and continues to expand every year. In recent years General Pump began building custom skid units at this facility for industrial applications and for customers that do not have the capability to build units themselves.   

Since General Pump’s inception it has moved three times, each time to a larger space needed to carry the necessary inventory to supply our customers their product in a timely basis.  General Pump currently has two locations in the USA, one for the office and warehouse built by Mr. Christopherson in 1995, and a manufacturing facility housed approximately two miles away.  General Pump also has a facility in Ningbo, China to manufacture certain products needed by the markets we serve.  

   In 1998 General Pump was purchased by the Interpump Group SpA, they are the world leader in plunger pump design and were the major supplier to General Pump since the beginning of the company.  Interpump Pump has since become Interpump Group SpA and is listed on the Italian stock exchange.  The founder of Interpump Pump, Dr. Fulvio Montipo, is still involved on a daily basis and is currently the Chairman of the Board for Interpump Group, SpA.  Dr. Montipo is the driving force behind the engineering and the future outlook for Interpump Group and has been awarded Italy’s 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year award for his decades of achievement and contribution’s to Italy’s Economy.

   Interpump Group today has grown in the industrial and hydraulic sectors and is comprised of many businesses in more than a dozen countries.  Interpump Group is clearly focused on the future, their engineering department - Interpump Engineering – has completely redesigned and updated the industrial pump product line and has also released many new pump models for the Power Wash and Vehicle Wash markets.  Today General Pump and Interpump offers a line of pumps with flows up to 236 GPM and pressures up to 22,000 PSI.  

   In 2002 and 2003 General Pump and Interpump Engineering worked together to develop a line of pumps that would be designed specifically for the conditions in the Vehicle Wash markets.  General Pump provided the market information and special needs and Interpump Engineering worked to develop a product that would be superior in performance to any pump offering that was available at that time.  These pumps were branded the “Emperor” line due to the improvements that were made.  The pumps for the prep stations and for self-service stations were introduced at the ICA show in 2004.  These pumps were rated for temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit and they could also be run dry for extended period of time if there was an issue with the water supply.  The features that changed on these pumps were primarily changes to the packings, plungers and valves.  Since that time Interpump has received a patent on the high temperature valves as well as on the new style high temperature seals.  The seals are made from a proprietary blend of Teflon-graphite that reduces friction and maintains shape if the pump is run with hot water or no water.  The larger pumps, up to 40.5 GPM, were introduced to the market one year later at the 2005 ICA show.  These pumps have the same new technology as the smaller versions along with a completely new power-end that is supplied by Interpump Group’s Industrial
pump division.  

Over the last 20 years, General Pump has quietly become the world's number one plunger pump manufacturer. Whether you have a self serve, touchless or conveyor car wash operation, we offer a full line of pumps whose durability and performance exceeds our competitors ... and, at much lower price. In addition, we offer a better warranty, a stronger customer support organization and a full line of accessories. With an innovative design that increases pump life and performance, GP easily beats its competitors as the best choice for touchless automatic car washes. We have stronger, more durable connecting rods made from cast iron for superior strength.

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General Pump products have been industry-tested world wide for over 36 years and is affiliated with the world’s largest manufacturers of high pressure water plunger pumps and accessories.  You can rely on General Pumps  wide range of products that fill many niches in the market and cater to customer’s specific needs.   You can depend on the flexibility and efficiency of General Pumps manufacturing and distribution processes.
GP pump offers a variety of pump, accessory and nozzle models with flow up to 236 GPM and pressures to 22,000 PSI.  General Pump has put millions of pumps in various industries over the last 34 years.  These pumps are complemented with a broad range of accessories and nozzles to meet specific requirements.

Maintenance and repair of GP pumps and accessories is simple and inexpensive.  When you compare the life cycle cost of GP to others in the market , you will find GP pumps are the choice for the best value.  Availability of replacement parts and kits is always a critical issue when choosing a supplier  

General Pump is a US based distributor/manufacturer with a full inventory of pumps, accessories, nozzles and repair parts ready for immediate delivery.

General Pump-Interpump are used in a wide variety of markets
High Pressure Power Wash
Car Wash
Oil and Gas
Sewer Jetting
Hydro Excavating
Food Manufacturing
Skid Mounted

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