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Car Wash Pump Bushings

Pump bushings for car wash pumps provide proper proportional spacing within the pump unit. They seal off the pump body to prevent, or regulate, the airflow into and out of the pump. This helps the pump create the proper suction, and operate at peak efficiency.

Car wash pump bushings are made from a variety of materials. These include steel, bronze, bimetal, PTFE, and nylon. Selecting the correct material to operate in in your conditions is important, as situations with corrosive materials and water will require synthetic or bronze bushings, while steel and brass bushing will operate better in less destructive environments.

Regardless of material, each bushing will be built with excellent shock resistance. This allows for a long lifetime of use under frequent starting and reversing situations and other severe and intense operating conditions, like those found in the car wash environment.

Bushings have a large range of mounting between various kinds of transmission components and shafts with different diameters. The industry standard taper design ensures interchangeability and provides a snug, concentric fit with the sheave. Kleen-Rite carries an extensive selection of bushings for the car wash industry, with a wide range of sizings as well as materials, for you to find the best fit!