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Car Wash Pump Pulleys - A Crucial Part To Your Car Wash Pumps

The correct car wash pump pulley is key to keeping your pump operating efficiently. These pulleys work with power transmission belts to relay the power generated by an engine to the drivetrain of your pump.

Finding the correct pump pulley for your engine and pump combination requires looking at a number of factors. This includes material - most pulleys are made of cast iron for superior durability, but nylon blends are also available. You’ll also need to consider the style of pulley and belt – V-Belt, timing belt, and round belt pulleys each have unique advantages and applications.

Most importantly, you need to size your pulleys properly for your application. Incorrect pulley sizes will lead to incorrect RPMs, which will adversely affect your pump’s performance. At Kleen-Rite, we carry a wide selection of diameters, finishes and groove positions, so you can get the correct pulley to have your car wash pump running at maximum efficiency!