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Giant Pressure Washer Pumps

Giant pressure washer pumps are economical options for car washes and other businesses. Giant high-pressure power wash pumps provide an outstanding combination of reliability, durability, efficiency and corrosion resistance. This helps them to stand up to the harsh operating environments that pressure washing can operate in, with the high-frequency use of chemicals, the pump cycling, and the water quality that can all be demanding on equipment. The gear end of Giant’s industrial pumps have been built to last for thousands of hours of operation. Giant pump features include deep-forged crankshafts (instead of machined barstock), bronze connecting rods and high polish finish on solid ceramic plungers to help ensure years of smooth operation and less wear on fluid end components. Choose from right- or left-hand shaft models, gas or electric drive versions, high temperature compatibility and more. There are even pre-built versions that include accessories like regulators and unloaders already attached and ready to go!

With over 50 years in business, Giant provides performance under pressure to the power wash industry! Manufacturing high-quality axial and plunger pumps right here in the United States, Giant high-pressure pumps in their familiar red cases have become the backbone of the car wash industry.


Giant Pump Series Designed For Pressure Washer Performance

Machined to perfection, these high-pressure pumps are engineered to provide thousands of hours of pressure washing life. These pumps work under the toughest conditions, and they're also great for applications such as food processing, central cleaning stations, horticulture, earth boring, and many others.

These are the most popular pressure washer pump series by Giant Pumps:

  • P54
  • P55
  • P58
  • P400 Series
  • MP Series
  • LP Series
  • GP Series
  • P200 Eagle Line
  • P300 Eagle Line
  • GXR Series
  • GX Series
  • HR Series