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Protective Hose Accessories

selection of high pressure hose guards

Protecting your hose is important in order to extend the service life. Hose failure and leaking is most often attributed to the bending and twisting at the joint of the spray gun, or wear from the ground and rough surfaces. Choosing protective accessories is the perfect way to protect your hose in car and pressure washing environments. Accessories can be chosen from full length protection that helps fight abrasion, or specific protection for spots on the hose that bend and twist. We carry many different types of hose protectors: PVC guards, spring guards, grip protectors, full length sleeve coverings, and balls. No matter what style you choose, they all help limit the abuse on your high-pressure hoses.

How To Install PVC Hose Guards:

  • To properly put the hose guard on, it needs to be heated. Normally we run it under very hot water for several minutes to let the rubber expand and soften. A heat gun can also be used, just be careful not to melt the rubber.
  • Once the hose guard has softened, simply push and twist it over the fitting and work it down onto the hose.
  • Keep working it down until the hose guard fully exposes the threads and nut.
  • When the hose guard is properly installed, you’ll notice that it greatly reduces the ability to bend the hose at the stress point, greatly increasing the life of your hose assembly.