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Dog Wash Vending Supplies

Just like the customers who use your car wash, customers at your self-serve dog wash will be attracted to items that enhance their experience. Doggos might need some extra enticement aka some treats to walk into the tub, especially if it is their first time visiting the wash. If your customers always forget to bring treats and they are available in your vending machines, they will purchase them to make washing their pup easy. Another thing your customers are going to want is a poncho. This will keep then dry if they have a dog that frequently shakes water off themself.

We also stock towels to place in your vending machines so your customers can dry themselves off and their pups. If they need a brush to remove shedding hair or to make their dog look its best add those to your vending machines too. Additionally, we stock decals so you can label your vending machines to match what is inside them so your customers know what is available for them to purchase. Creating a pleasant experience and your vending machines stocked with popular dog wash supplies will keep customers coming back for more and more. Most importantly their doggo will look and smell their best after the wash.