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Gas Pressure Washer Options

Gas-powered pressure washers offer powerful cleaning power that doesn’t require an electrical source. Using a gas engine pressure washer means no power cords, so you can move quickly between different spots. Using a gas motor is also safer in some extremely wet environments (no threat of electrocution).

A gas pressure washer is typically designed for commercial applications and professional pressure washing businesses. These high horsepower pressure washers can often reach higher peak pressure levels (PSI) while also maintaining a high flow rate (GPM). Large gas pressure washing units are usually installed in a stationary position or mounted on a wheeled cart/frame. Stationary units are built to be wall-mounted or placed in a vehicle (in a truck bed, for example).

BE Pressure Supply and Pressure Pro offer high-quality gas pressure washer models with a variety of engine and pump combinations including Honda engines, CAT Pumps, AR North America pumps,  and General Pumps.

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