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IDX Coin Acceptor - IDX Coin Mechanisms

IDX was founded in 1988 by James Halsey with the vision of bringing an optically encoded token and acceptor to market to eliminate counterfeiting and unwanted cross play of other tokens. IDX started its business in the carwash industry with the model MA711 optically encoded token acceptor for our 0.984” injection molded polycarbonate prismatic facet tokens. For the first time, the car wash market had the ability to eliminate acceptance of tokens from other nearby establishments. The BigTime™ scrolling display timer, hinged door meter boxes, and the industries most durable vacuum timer were introduced soon thereafter. In 1997 IDX introduced the X10 multi-coin acceptor and X-Mark® optically encoded metal security token to the car wash industry. With this combination IDX is the only supplier that is able to stop cross play of unwanted tokens.
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