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Comet Pumps

A pump is the foundation of your car wash or pressure washing business and not just any pump will suffice. Comet Pumps are high-quality pumps that deliver reliable performance and efficiency thanks to the brand’s commitment to innovation and rigorous testing standards. These pumps are engineered and assembled with components of superior quality so they last, even with heavy use. Whether you need a high pressure pump, pressure washer pump, or even replacement parts, we have you covered.

Comet Pumps was founded in Reggio Emilia, Italy. They have been around since 1959 and are well known for their high-quality products. Some of the products Comet produces are diaphragm, triplex high-pressure plunger, piston pumps and accessories for these pumps. Their pumps and accessories are sold in over 130 countries. Comet owns Valley Industries, Master Manufacturing, A1 Mist Sprayers, and Everflo.

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