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Cush-A-Clamp Pipe Hanging System

Cush-A-Clamp channel mounted clamping systems fit any standard 1-5/8" wide channel. These two part clamps help you to secure multiple line runs, reducing noise and preventing galvanic corrosion by absorbing shock and vibration with thermoplastic elastomer.

The clamp portion of the system is available in electroplated steel 304 or 316 stainless steel and have an innovative shoulder stud with a controlled squeeze design to prevent over tightening. A nylon-insert nut assures a positive lock to the stud. The cushion is engineered to stand up to oils and most chemicals and cleaners in temps from -50 F to 275 F. The Cush-A-Nator series has options to handle up to 400 degrees F! Check out snap in options Cush-A-Claw and Cush-A Clips, too.

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