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Car Wash Pit Cleaner Pump Trailers for Sale

Today, Kleen-Rite with Ring-O-Matic offers two different styles of pit cleaners; a clamshell style and a vacuum style.  The clamshell model, which comes in three different sizes, is similar to the original Model 400.  The 450T, 500T and 1000T models are trailer mounted with a hydraulically powered boom with a clamshell bucket.  The clamshell bucket is hydraulically lowered into the pit, closed, then raised up and the debris is dumped into the box.  All of the movements are controlled using hydraulic levers. The work for the operator is easy since he is simply moving a series of hydraulic control handles. Because the units have a hydraulic dumping hoist, even unloading the trailer is easy.

There are two different standard vacuum models, the 750 Vac and 850 Deep Vac.  These machines rely on the vacuum created by the heavy duty Masport rotary vane vacuum pump.  The machines come standard with a rugged 25 foot, 3 inch suction hose and suction tube.  The tube is lowered into the pit and operates like a giant shop vac. The debris is sucked from the pit and is held in the enclosed tank.