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Electric Pressure Washers

We proudly offer a great selection of electric pressure washers in a variety of PSI and GPM options! An electric pressure washer is a great option when you want an efficient machine that operates at a quieter volume level compared to gas engine models. Plus, no carrying around gas cans or worrying about refilling them!

Electric pressure washers range from smaller models for home and residential use to powerful commercial electric pressure washers. You might want a lightweight washer that you can carry by hand. Maybe you need a slightly bigger option that rolls around on wheels. Perhaps you need an even larger commercial electric washer on a frame so it can be mounted on a shop wall or truck bed. Either way, we have a variety of electric pressure washer options to choose from. Shop our BE Pressure, AR North America, and Pressure Pro electric pressure and power washer options to find the model that’s best for your washing needs!


Commercial Electric Pressure Washers

While electric pressure washers are often associated with smaller, low-power units for home use, a commercial electric pressure washer is absolutely a viable option for professionals. A commercial grade electric pressure washer uses a powerful electric motor from a reliable brand like Honda, Baldor, and other trusted names to drive the unit. They rival gas-powered washers in their ability to withstand constant, demanding commercial use. Electric commercial pressure washers are available with ample PSI and GPM capability while still offering quiet, efficient operation. Plus, you don't need to have fuel on hand, they can be operated safely in non-ventilated areas, and they often have easy auto start/stop functionality.