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Norgren Regulators and Filters

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Norgren air regulators are engineered to control the pressure in air lines to prevent damage caused by excessive pressure levels. When the pressure reaches the maximum set threshold, it will reduce the pressure to protect the equipment down the line. You can set the pressure to match the maximum pressure of the equipment connected to your air lines.

Regulators typically come in general purpose, high flow, pilot operated or special purpose pressure versions. Many of them come equipped with a pressure gauge and some do not, so you can choose a gauge to match your needs. We have many regulator options for you to pick from that are sure to match the specifications of your equipment.


Norgren air filters are used to remove harmful particles from air lines that are damaging to equipment and can prematurely wear out parts or clog orifices. Norgren makes three types of filters: general-purpose, Pureaire oil removal, and Ultraire oil vapor removal filters. The general-purpose filters are designed to remove water particles and typically feature 5-to-40-micron mesh screens. Pureaire oil removal filters are for oil droplets and fine particles as small as 0.01 microns. Ultraire oil vapor remove what the name implies, oil vapor. Removing contaminants from air lines will help to produce results that will impress your customers.

We carry a wide range of Norgren products that can match the pressure range of your equipment, size and threading of the piping, and many other specifications you might need to meet. If you need to repair your regulator or filter, we stock numerous kits and parts that will help you get your equipment back up and running quickly. Norgren products are very reliable and have a long service life. When it comes to air preparation, Norgren has evolved its experience and products for over 80 years.