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Propane Tanks for Sale

Industrial, commercial, residential, and agriculture industries all benefit from clean-burning propane. Kleen-Rite offers different sizes of propane tanks. Learn more about our 100 gallon propane tanks and 500 gallon propane tanks for sale. The size that you use depends on your demand, usage, and number of appliances. The most common uses include fireplace inserts, furnaces, water heaters, stoves, and standby generators. 

Why use propane over gas or diesel? Propane stores well, it's clean-burning, and the price is typically better than gas. Kleen-Rite recommends buying your own tank because you get a better price per gallon and you can own the same tank long-term. Browse our above ground and underground propane tanks to find the one that's right for your property. Underground propane tanks are great because they won't be an eyesore and detract from your landscaping. 

We offer DOT and ASME tanks. DOT (Department of Transportation) tanks are certified to travel. Use them for food trucks, tow motors, grills, or other units that move. ASME is a certification, and once this type of tank is installed, it doesn't move. ASME tanks are typically larger and used for home heating. Kleen-Rite also carries the essential propane tank cylinder parts and accessories you need for your propane system. Every tank needs a regulator to reduce the pressure of the tank to the correct working pressure. We carry single-stage, two-stage, and twin-stage regulators.