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JBS Car Wash Soap

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In this fast-paced world, JBS recognizes customers expect a clean, freshly waxed, straight-from-the-showroom look when they visit the car wash. This high demand drives the need for constant innovation and expansion of their product offerings. JBS invests in extensive chemical research and development to remain in the forefront of all advanced chemistry findings.

JBS soaps are available for all types of car wash in the industry, including self-serve, in-bay automatics, and express tunnels. Within those car wash applications, JBS has options for every stage of the washing process, so cars get clean, protected, shined, and dried. It’s a great advantage to have a robust line from a single soap company like JBS, so you can be confident that each formula will perfectly complement the others to offer the best wash without wasting product or money. JBS has excellent lines like their Ceramic Finish, Glow Foam, Island Punch, and Candy Scents Series that turn a regular wash into a premium customer experience at your car wash!

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