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Meguiar’s Detailing

Originating in 1901 Meguiars Car Care Products have always stood up for the greater good for their customers. With their recognizable products like Gold Class Car Wax, ScratchX, Show Car Glaze, and Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner, Meguiars is unstoppable. First as furniture polish, Meguiars has acquired a much more stable base of liquids and waxes to run a successful company. Frank Meguiar Jr, the found father of the Meguiars, introduced his products onto wooden automobiles and from then on he was able to expand his car care business to cars, boats, RVs and every conceivable type of surface. One of the oldest and dependable names in car care, customers have raved about the affordable Meguiars detailing products for their automotive. Interior wipes and conditioners will give your vehicle that showroom look and will last several washes! Meguiars provides the best shine and protection with all products and guarantees no left behind debris.

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Meguiar's G210419 Ultimate Line Insane Shine Tire Foam, 19 oz – 6 Per Case SDS 2021.pdf