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Allanson Industrial, Technology, and Manufacturing Products

Allanson International is based in Toronto, Canada. Allanson focuses on bring engineering and technology together to create innovative solutions. Allanson has designed quality electrical products since 1926. These products include: ballasts, LED power supplies, oil heating ignition transformers, and more!

2744-668 Allanson 240V Oil Burner Ignition
Allanson 2744-668 Oil Burner Ignition Transformer for Wayne Oil Burners- 240V
Mfr. Model #: 2744-668
KR Part #: PW24668
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2721-668 Allanson 120V Oil Burner Ignition
Allanson 2721-668 Oil Burner Ignition Transformer for Wayne Oil Burners - 120V
Mfr. Model #: 2721-668
KR Part #: PW21668
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