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Money Catching Device for Industrial Commercial Vacuums

The Vacuum Prospector is a unique, money saving device that installs in minutes and reaps big rewards. There are countless coins mixed in with dirt, lint, and debris inside every car wash central vacuum unit. The Vacuum Prospector's unique design catches all the crud and allows you to sift out valuable coins - just as if you were panning for gold.

The Vacuum Prospector easily pays for itself in discarded coinage. Never waste money again when you install this simple yet effective solution! Not sure if The Vacuum Prospector is right for you? Give our friendly sales experts a call today at 1-800-233-3873 for help.

Vac Prospector
The Vacuum Prospector Clean Out Bucket
Mfr. Model #: 9795263
KR Part #: VACP
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MS32 Mud Stopper Grate Plugs
Vacuum Prospector MS32 Mud Stopper Grate Plugs for Fiberglass Grating - 100 Count
Mfr. Model #: MS32
KR Part #: MS32
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