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Flojet Air Operated Pumps

Flojet® air-driven pumps work on demand and are great for nearly any low-pressure application in a car wash! Use these reliable pumps for tire cleaner dispensing, presoak spray, foam brush applications, and more. These pumps are an inexpensive replacement when updating low-pressure systems equipped with an outdated, malfunctioning, or worn-out pump. Since air pressure operates this type of pump instead of electrical currents, installation is easy because you won't need to rewire anything.

These pumps efficiently transport mixtures of fluid and car wash chemicals to the point where it is dispensed to the surface of the vehicles. Whether you need a specific flow rate or pressure endurance these air-operated diaphragm pumps from Flojet have you covered. Match the specifications of a pump to the requirements of your system to ensure efficient operation of your equipment allowing you to clean more vehicles with minimal downtime. When you need a pump with high chemical resistance, don't worry, the housing and components of these pumps are constructed using a variety of materials for compatibility with a wide range of chemicals. Check out high quality Flojet pumps below and select a model to match your needs.

Check out our great Fix It With Phil video with a Flojet air pumps overview and troubleshooting tips!